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10 Jan

Head To Head: UK v Germany Promotional Umbrellas

It's January and here in Mortimer near Reading it's raining again.  We seem to have one really nice sunny day followed by a wet day but only to be expected at this time of year!  In the world of promotional products and marketing your service or brand we can use the rain to our advantage by producing some branded promotional umbrellas.  These are a great way to get your brand out there whatever the weather.

We always say the best promotional products are something that the recipient will find useful, is of good quality, on brand and will stay with your customer for a good period of time giving you lots of brand exposure and value for marketing spend.  Umbrellas tick all of these boxes so today we are looking at the difference between a lower cost golf umbrella made here in the UK and one from our Love Luxury website which is made in Germany.

At this point we would like to stress that we do also make excellent umbrellas here in the UK it just happens that one of our favourite brands for quality umbrellas - FARE - are made in Germany.  I would liken them to the BMW or Mercedes of the promotional umbrella world.

We will start with the UK and one of the best selling is the Bedford Golf umbrella.

Bedford Golf Umbrella

A great value UK made golf umbrella features:

  • Cheapest UK made golf umbrella on the market
  • Windproof frame for increased flexibility
  • Two frame colour options available at no extra cost
  • Can be branded to the panels of the umbrella, the tie wrap or sleeve
  • Available in a huge range of colour combinations (50+) to match your brand

FARE Windfighter Fibreglass AC2 Golf Umbrella

A high quality automatic golf umbrella for 2 people with highly flexible rib construction.  Features include:

  • Convenient automatic function for quick opening
  • High quality windproof system for maximum frame flexibility in stormy conditions
  • Water and dirt repellent due to original Teflon cover
  • Soft touch crook handle with integrated push button
  • Available in 5 core colours


So the FARE is clearly the better umbrella right?  Yes and no - it is clearly made from higher quality materials, is solid in the hand and built to last giving an excellent impression when given with your logo on as a corporate gift.  The no is these umbrellas are at different price points so which umbrella may depend on your budget and type of promotion.  The Bedford is still an excellent choice and beats the FARE in the range of colours available and being made in the UK it has a slightly shorter lead time.  The final answer is they are both great options and we would be happy to give you more info and recommend the right umbrella for your own promotional requirements.

Take a look at both at the below links:

Love Merchandise Umbrellas Including Bedford

Love Luxury Umbrellas Including FARE



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